[One Shot]You caught me.

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    Naja, da gibts aber 2 Dinge: Erstens: Sie ist auf Englisch. Und zweitens: Hmm, die Charas reden manchmal einwenig ... beleidigend.
    Aber ich hoffe ihr mögt sie trotzdem?
    Tut mir leid, wenn viele Fehler drin sind...^^
    Naja, da es von dieser 'Geschichte' nur ein Kapitel gibt fand ich es ansprechender keinen
    'Spoiler' zu machen, aber sollte es verboten sein, kann ich's ja editieren. :)
    You caught me.

    „So you caught me – And now?“ I took a deep breath and stood up from the wet, rusted bench.

    He sat right on the opposite, staring at me with a smirk on his face.

    “Well,” His voice was quite and amused. “Well?” you asked, looking at his face.

    I’m such a Fool!

    I hated him, I hated the way he acted, the way he spoke and the way he teased me. He was a playboy, his
    grades were worse, he hadn’t much money and he couldn’t even think straight from my point of view. I hated
    everything about him. But the most I hated to see him with this evil smirk on his face and the self-assured loo
    in his eyes.

    “I won’t tell anyone – BUT.”


    “But you’ll have to do me some favours.”

    He stroke his raven black hair out of his face and grinned. I knew I couldn’t argue with him – so did he.

    “What kind of favours…?!”

    “You’ll see, - Deal?” he said and held his hand towards me. “Gimme five!”

    I rolled my eyes and hammered my hand onto his. “Outch.” I cried, after I felt the pain.

    The day passed.

    It was lunch time; I was sitting with my best friend Leonie in the cafeteria, eating some sweets, like I
    always did. I loved sweets, more than anything.

    “Have you got it?” Carry asked when she sat down at our table.
    I wasn’t in the mood to tell Carry I got caught but I had to – That was the bet.

    “Just because of your damn bet I got caught by this J.E.R.K!” I b**ched.

    She seemed confused. “You got caught?! And now?” Again i rolled my eyes.

    “What kind of bet?” Leonie asked, joining the conversation.

    “Janie and I bet, she wouldn’t be able to sneak into the principals’ office and get the detention-paper!” I
    sighed. “Just because SHE wanted to know if her damn crush had to attend detention. I can’t believe I actually
    fell for her damn challenge.”

    Carry giggled. “You fall for it every time. No wonder I did it this time again.”

    “You sneaked into the Piggys office?” Leonie shouted. “Louder, Lee! The people in Japan did hear you properly."

    Piggy was the nickname of our headteacher. The first day we got into this class he wore a pink polo-shirt and
    a red tie. He looked like a pig with this dirty blond hair he had. I couldn’t help but call him piggy.

    “Ready for me?” Ryan whispered into my ears. I cringed.

    “Get lost.” Leonie b**ched and looked disappointed. She hated Ryan, too, but not because of the same reasons like I
    did. She hated him because he dumped her last year. The better: He didn’t even listen to her whole confession.

    She told me he interrupted her after she told him something like

    ‘I’ve been watching you for nearly a year now and I just wanted to let you know I’m in lov-“ – “Sorry, I already have
    someone I like and she’s far away from being you.” After that he walked away.

    “Okay. Daddy’s gonna be happy to hear some little puppy got lost in his office.” He smirked and laid his arms
    around my shoulders from behind – pulling me closer to him.

    “I told you – I got caught.” I said in a melancholy way and stood up.

    Yes! I got caught, by the schools headteachers son – Ryan Greenwald.

    “What are we going to do?” I asked uninterested, while walking after him.

    He didn’t say anything but left the school building.

    “Hey! My next lesson is staring in 12 minutes!” I cried again, but again he ignored it.

    I had problems with even catching up with him. He was walking way to fast.

    “Ryan!” I shouted. I looked behind to see if someone saw me skipping school but there was no one.

    And as I looked in front again, Ryan was vanished, too.

    I ran. I ran after Ryan, more after the way I thought Ryan went, when something pulled me into a back lane.

    “Wha-“ – “Shhhht.” Ryan held his hands in front of my mouth to silent me up.

    “Keep quite.” He was really close, pinning me onto the wall. You bodies even touched. It was quite dark;
    I hadn’t known this part of your school so I feared.

    I knew he was crazy, but I hadn’t thought he was going to do something like this to me. “Rhhan. Plesss, gongt go gis!”
    I tried to speak but his hand didn’t move. He pushed me onto the wall even heavier, so there was no more space
    between us. I felt his breathing on my neck. It tickled.

    An uncomfortable, a awkward feeling rushed through my body – but also I felt great.

    M-My heart was trembling like hell.

    “NGOOOO!” I tried to scream, his hand still over my mouth - as he boggled.
    “Shut up or else they’ll - ” he said and stopped suddenly. He put on his hood, from his hoodie
    and pushed me back onto the wall again.
    “RYAN! YOU BASTARD! COME OUT! WE SAW YOU COMING HERE!” some voices shouted and I looked at him with a scared face. They didn’t sound like they wanted to talk or play.

    “I didn’t want to involve you.” He looked scared. “I didn’t want them to find you!” he said and now I just got it.
    My breath stopped, just as my heart. He was so close. His nose nearly touched yours and his
    dark brown eyes – You felt as if they’d only belong to you.

    He was in some kind of trouble and ran away from school because he didn’t want to get caught.

    So he pushed me onto the wall in hope they wouldn’t find me. He’s covering me?!

    I only hoped he couldn’t hear my heart beat.

    The voices got louder.

    Slowly my hand walked up to his and removed. “They won’t!” I said && turned him around so his
    back was against the wall. He just looked confused.

    “GREENWALD! YOU FUCKIN’ BASTARD! GET OUTTA HERE!” the voices seemed like only few meters away.
    “Don’t get a wrong idea.” I said before pressing my lips to his, pulling him closer to me by the
    back of his neck. He took a few seconds until he kissed back. It felt … indescribable!
    My stomach was filled with planes, my heart didn’t even beat anymore.

    His lips were so soft and his cheeks so smooth. It felt totally right.

    He pulled away after a few seconds asking “Why-“ but I didn’t want to stop.
    I heard someone walking into the alley and kissed him again, pulling him as close as I could.
    “Jake! Here’s someone!” a voice, really close shouted. I just forced him to keep on kissing,
    when he wanted to push me behind him. I was too lost in this kiss – soon again he laid his hands around my waist, kissing me even heavier.

    “Woah… Nick! You jerk!” a deep voice sighed. It seemed like they thought we didn’t hear them.
    “It’s just a couple making out! You’re such an dumbass!” the voice said angry “Ouch!” the other
    one cursed and you could hear the steps getting further away.

    But all I thought was ‘don’t stop’. His kiss was so gentle and intense at the same time.
    It made me shiver and sweat all in one and I just didn’t knew my feelings anymore.
    But after a few seconds I pulled away, my body still wanting more.

    Ryan just looked at me – I couldn’t see what he was thinking. “Now tell me, what did they want?!”
    I tried to sound as harsh as I could, but I stepped back a few steps so he wouldn’t see my tomato red face.
    “Doesn’t matter.” He said, looking on the ground. “I … I just sacrificed my first kiss and you won’t
    even tell me what they wanted. You behaved like they were assassins or something, so tell me!” he bit his bottom lips.
    “Nothing…serious.” He laughed.

    All I felt was anger. “You’re just some… Argh!” I said want walked onto the end of the alley, as he held my arm.

    “No…Don’t go. They’re still out there.” He was obviously worried about me. “Tell me!” you said and stood still, looking at him.

    “Please!” I added really quite, hoping he wouldn’t hear me.

    “Argh! You’ll hate me! It’s just… I …I fucked his girlfriend. That b*tch told me they broke up so I had my way on her!”


    I couldn’t believe it.

    “Yeah. You’re right. Cheaters and liars are the most detestable persons ever.” Then I walked towards the
    school, hoping I wouldn’t be late for lessons.

    Such a…such a jerk! He’s such a … playboy! I…I hate him!! He’s worst!!! He’s just some asswhole, trying to make fun of you!,
    I told yourself while walking into the school building.

    “Janie! Wait! Please!” I heard his voice, and started to walk even faster.

    And as I reached the classroom I slammed the door open.

    Mr. Greenwald looked at me with a confused expression.
    “G’day Janie, where have you been?” he asked in a soft voice. Lucky me he still liked me,
    so his son held his promise. “Excuse me, Mr. Greenwald, I didn’t feel that well…I sat outside to get my head cooled up.
    I’m sorry.” I lied and sat down.
    ”Well, No prob. As long as you feel better, everything’s fine.” He laughed. He was one of these optimistic and always smiling persons.
    He was great! I loved his lessons because it never gets boring.

    But this time – I just wanted to get out. Just now, I realized how alike they looked. Son and father, of course they’d look alike!

    Well, it was wrong. They looked totally different.

    Mr. Greenwald was a good looking man with blonde hair, tall, muscled, brown eyed.

    Ryan was normal height, really well-toned, black - longer hair but also these awesome,
    gorgeous almost black eyes and damn HOT. He was more the Emo-Skater-type, his father more the rocker.
    No wonder, his father was 20 years older. 37 years already.

    But the eyes were still the same.

    After a while Mr. Greenwald asked me if I’d still feel ill because I kept staring outside the window, but I shook my head.

    And lessons went on.

    Days passed.

    Weeks passed.

    I couldn’t even remember why I was this angry. I just felt …broken, that time. All I felt was… sorrow. But I just couldn’t get why.

    What’s so special, he having another woman? I absolutely hated him, every time he was around my feelings
    got strange, I couldn’t control them anymore. My blood pounded and my heart raced. What did I care? No, what do I care?!

    “I absolutely hate him!” I said to Carry as Ryan walked into the cafeteria, down as always since that day.
    It’s been five weeks since then and I hadn’t even talked to him. The day after he tried to talk to me but I avoided
    him and after a few days he gave up. Leonie and Carry knew about the incident, too. I couldn’t help but cry,
    the whole afternoon, while sitting on Carrys couch, being hugged by Leonie.

    Sure, they grinned after I told them ‘bout the kiss but as they saw how broken I was they stopped.

    Leonie hated him even more since then. She even slapped him in front of the whole class.
    He didn’t ask why. [You were in a different class than them.]

    Yet, after such a long time I couldn’t get why I felt this shitty.

    I couldn’t even see why I should care ‘bout him.

    But all I wanted was to be with him.

    I wanted those cheap cows to get away from him – I wanted him all to myself.

    Isn’t that strange?! To want someone to the extent of hitting your head onto the
    able to forget about him and you still wanted him after?!

    Leonie sighed. “No. I hate him. Not you. You don’t, won’t, couldn’t AND wouldn’t hate him even
    if he had two thousand of other women, you still wouldn’t.”

    Carry grinned. “Nice one.” She said and they laughed.

    “Damn b**ch?!” I joked.

    “And proud of it!” she answered and got serious.

    “You really think you hate him?” Carry grinned. I nodded.
    ”Every part of my soul.”

    “Then go tell him.” I stopped breathing. “I-I can’t!” I stuttered.

    Leonie looked serious and Carry a bit pissed. I hated times like that.

    I had no other choice but tell him, because they’d get me to do it anyway.

    “Okay.” I said and got up.

    Slowly my feet began to walk over to him – I felt unconfident.

    My hands clenched to fists – My heart nearly stopped.

    And as I reached the table he was sitting at, a friend of him pointed at me.

    He turned. First his eyes were filled with pain, then he lightly smiled and then the sorrow came back.

    “Y-You know…” I started, stuttering.

    “It’s all your fault!” I shouted, my eyes filled with tears.

    “I hate it! You made me feel this… Argh! THIS horrible! Absolutely unbearable!”

    He walked closer.

    “Every time I’m with you m-my hearts racing, when you’re gone my minds all ‘bout you!
    And when no ones around I catch myself still thinking about you. It’s so frigging – I hate it…”

    He just took my hands and looked into my eyes. My cheeks wet from the tears.

    “I hate that I love you!” I cried and he smirked.

    “I know.”

    “It’s frigging.”

    “I know.”

    “I don’t want it.”

    “I know that, too.”

    “So why did you made me feel this way?!” I shouted and he just grinned, happier that he had ever did before.

    “’Cause I’ve loved you for so long.”

    Then his lips crashed onto mine.

    “I love you, too.” He whispered, kissing me again.

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